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AirP Systems LLC
Canby, Oregon

Please contact us with any questions regarding our products or services.

What we do

We provide simple, cost-effective products – all made in the US.
100% of our processes, facilities and personnel are located in Oregon.


Randy Prakken
Randy has over 30 years of experience in secure information systems and internet services, corporate management, and product design, development and management. He was a co-founder and the largest shareholder in his last company, providing both software products and internet services. He and his partners grew that company to nearly 60 employees before selling to a private equity fund. The primary software product had thousands of customers world-wide with hundreds of thousands of users and was marketed exclusively on the Internet. The secure Internet document delivery service had 500 mortgage lenders and banks as customers who, in turn, had hundreds of thousands of users of that service. That service processed information private to the customers of the lenders and underwent regular SAS70 audits to ensure the integrity of its security. Randy holds an MS in Electrical Engineering from USC, a BS in Electrical Engineering from MIT and a BS in Aeronautical Engineering from MIT.